His name is Roscoe and is a purebread Havanese (sometimes called the 'Havana Silk Dog') out of Feliz Havana Silk Dogs in Toledo, Ohio. We just want to share some of his pictures with his fans and any others who appreciate great dogs...
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Sadly we have to say that our darling Roscoe passed away peacefully after an extended illness on November 9th, he will be missed by the large number of friends who loved him and stay in our hearts forever.

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A Welcome to my Web Page
Hi, welcome to my Web Page -- Rod made this page for me. Thanks Rod...  
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A walk in the park
I lover to walk and climb the hills at Chastain Park in Atlanta  
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After Surgery
I tore my ACL and had to get it repaired by the doctors at UC Davis (I am fine now) and I had to wear this stupid collar.  
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At the Grand Canyon
Here we are at the Grand Canyon. Wow, it`s really big..  
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Footbal Sunday
Ok, lets get ready for the game...  
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Get out of my yard, dam birds and squirrels...
I love to chase the birds, airplanes (I think they are birds) and squirrels out of my yard...  
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Happy Birthday
This is one of my brithday pics  
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Here I am with my mon
I just love being with Carol, I follow her all over the house. I can`t have her out of my sight for long...  
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Hey, Cool Goggles
I had to use these cool goggles while I was getting laster treatments for my leg...  
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In my travel bed
Here we are crossing the Desert again, Rod an Carol call me "Travel Dog" because I love to travel and see and smell things...  
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Just Resting
Resting in my yard after playing. My friend Ken took this picture.  
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My Beauty Pic
Here I am on my Aunti Pat's soft, I love coming here...;  
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My Puppy Pic
Here I am as a puppy when Carol and Rod got me from the breeder in Ohio, glad to be in sunny California  
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My favorite shirt
This is my winter night-shirt -- I am a little older now and need some comfort on Rod & Carol`s bed during the winter.  
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Ready for my bath
Here I am at Splash Hound again, this where I get my bath and get my teeth cleaned. Oh, look at my big feet...  
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Ready for our walk...
We are ready for our walk, despite the rain  
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With Santa
I got my Christams pic with Santa down at Splash Hound...  

Roscoe`s Vacation Video
Roscoe Smallville Video