Photo Abstracts Project
I have always been inspired by strong design elements and my work regularly incorporates this approach. I recently started working with various photo and art tools to transform images from reality into a more elemental and at times, more complex representational likeness. The images in this video are the result of that set of processes, highlighting some of the image, The project in a constant state of revision and growth, with images being added as they are created'
This is a short video of some of these images.
Auto Art Video
I started on this project after visiting an annual custom auto show in Puyallup, Washington. The cars were wonderful, all types, colors, etc. After shooting there for a day and then reviewing the images after returning back to the studio I began to view them as design elements rather than just auto images. Since then, I have attended several more auto shows and after working the images with various imaging tools, I am pleased with the results and the prints have had good response from viewers.
This is a short video of some of these images.
Wall Art Video
The photos in this project were taken in the early to mid 1990`s in San Francisco while I was living and working there. While some cover extensive graffiti, most deal with the variety of artiistic expression shown on walls during that period.
This is a short video of some of these images.
Old Car City
I first heard about this place on Flipboard and just had to visit. Old Car City is just outside of Atlanta, Ga in 'White, Ga' it is the world's largest old car junkyard! Thirty Four acres with more than 4,000 old cars. 6.5 miles of trails on 34 acres. Cars date back as far back as the 1920s. Packards, Edsels, Fords, Chevrolets to name a few!
This is a short video of some of these images.
Jordan 2014  
This is video of our trip to the wonderful country of Jordan in 2014 - Amman, Jerash, Desert Castles, the magnificent Petra and the incredible Wadi Rum desert.